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Our Pharmacy Services

We offer a wide variety of over-the-counter items as well as pharmaceutical medications. Our pharmacy also offers select breathing and diabetic supplies. Sarah, our pharmacist, has been with us since 2005. She offers medication counseling to patients. Bernita, our manager & pharmacy tech, is also available to help in the pharmacy. Bernita also assists patients with Medicare Part D.

Free prescription mailout and delivery within the city limits is also another pharmacy service for the local and surrounding community. Delivering and mailouts are available for any over-the-counter items as well in store for a small fee.

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Our History

Gibson Health Mart was originally started in downtown WaKeeney in 1892 by Nellie and Skylar Gibson. They owned and operated the pharmacy and famous soda fountain until 1970 when Harold Gibson bought in to the business. Fun Fact: Harold was in no way related to Nellie and Skylar. It was just a coincidence that they share the same last name!! Harold made a big impact on the community and store. Today our goal is still to carry out his morals and vision. We pride ourselves on small town customer service you cannot find anywhere else as well as offering a wide variety of merchandise in store. We believe in giving back to the local community and shopping local makes us able to do more!

Sarah is our current Pharmacist and has been with us since 2005. She graduated from the Kansas University School of Pharmacy in May of 2005. She is a WaKeeney native growing up on her family farm. Fun Fact: Sarah worked as a soda clerk in high school at the pharmacy before going to pharmacy school.

Bernita is our current president and our lead Pharmacy Technician. She worked under Harold for many years before his retirement and strives to carry on his tradition and values for Gibson Health Mart. If you would like to hear more about Gibson Health Mart’s history, stop in pull up a stool and have a drink. Bernita will keep you company!

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